our sweet little sawyer is officially 10 months old! sadly, there are no pictures with this post... that is because our little man does not sit still long enough for pictures. period. every picture i have from the last month is of the side or back of his head while he darts away. he is speed crawling everywhere, standing in the middle of the room hanging out for long periods of time, and even taking a few steps!! he took his first "step" on thanksgiving, but he's definitely not a walker yet. he mostly takes steps when we hold things out that he wants, then just dives for them. sawyer has two teeth right now (both on the bottom) and loves food. everything he hated as baby food, he loves in solid form. favorites right now are pears, peas, and yogurt. he loves to clap for everything and wave all of the time. any time he hears the word "hi", he thinks that's his cue to wave! he just gets more precious every day and i love him to bits.

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