sweet baby sawyer is four months old! i can't believe he is that old already. he's getting so big now and changing every day. at last weigh-in, big boy was 11 pounds 3 ounces! barely on the growth curve, but moving along steadily since i stopped the breastmilk and started him on formula. his 4-month check-up is tuesday, so we'll see how much the formula is truly making a difference. he's filling out 0-3 month clothes and probably outgrowing them soon because he's getting too tall for them! the toy of choice lately is the playmat -- he loves to look at the toys and try to knock everything down. anything and everything -- fists, blankets, pacis, sleeves -- are going into his mouth and he is a drooling machine. he still thinks his sister hung the moon; it's the sweetest thing ever. he is such a sweet baby and is very laid back, but is also very particular about things. he knows what he wants and how he wants it -- and he'll let you know if everything is not just so when he thinks it should be!


fashion icon.

nothing better.

princess hadleigh.

thanks, cousin chloe and cousin will! i love my snow white dress!


this is what hadleigh likes to do lately:

she's stuck. she learned two new words last week -- "stuck" and "help." she has climbed in everything possible and proclaimed that she is stuck... only she skips the "t" and just screams suck everywhere she goes. it was especially great when she yelled she was stuck in her booster seat at chili's. that's what everyone wants their 2 year old to yell in public. could be worse.