24 weeks into the fastest pregnancy ever. only 16 short weeks to go until i have 2 kids under 2... pray for me. you'll notice that i'm wearing the same shirt in this picture that i was in my 20 week picture. not on purpose, but it makes it pretty obvious how much i grew in one month! there's a lot more stretch on the sides of that shirt now...


hadleigh's mother's day out class went to the pumpkin patch last week... which basically consisted of a bunch of toddlers going outside to play at the church's "pumpkin patch." hadleigh had a great time. she made a few efforts to pick up some big pumpkins, but when she realized she couldn't... she resorted to picking up little ones and handing them to me one by one or throwing them across the pumpkin patch... nice.



hadleigh has taken a recent intense interest in shoes. she likes to wear them from morning until night... she'd sleep in shoes if we would leave them on. she can say shoes now and frequently brings them to me to put on her -- she would wear 3 pairs at a time if she could. i got her these adorable house slippers at old navy and now we wear them at ALL TIMES if we are inside. no matter what. huge fits will be thrown if these shoes aren't present and on her feet always. aren't they cute?


i love food.