i'm 5 months old!

hadleigh is 5 months old today!! she's the greatest baby and she's getting to be so much fun! she's developing quite the little personality... she's super happy all the time, but if she gets
mad -- watch out! she gets that face all twisted up and becomes a drama queen like her mama :) she's babbling all the time and has learned that she can produce high-pitched screams. she chews and slobbers on everything, but we don't see any teeth yet. she has officially creeped or rolled into everything in the living room -- she can make it pretty far by rolling or pushing there on her feet and face. she's sitting up for a few seconds by herself, grabbing at everything, and sticking her feet in her mouth. we're getting pretty good at eating rice cereal; she opens her mouth for the spoon and grabs for the bowl now that she knows what's in it! we're also discovered how fun sonny can be -- she just stares at him now or grabs at his ears and feet. she was petting him the other day and laughed and laughed; she was having so much fun!! lastly... we've finally moved on to 3-6 months clothes and size 2 diapers! YEAH. our last weigh-in confirmed an almost 13lb baby. growing like a weed...


beach baby

this past weekend, jered, hadleigh, and i went to hilton head, sc for our first family vacation! we had so much fun!! we had never been to this beach, but it was great -- beautiful and not too touristy or overcrowded. turns out hadleigh hated the pool, but LOVED the beach. she loved the sand, the waves, the water -- everything. we had a great time and we're already talking about going back next summer :)

first time on the beach...

mama and baby napping after a long day!

hanging out by the pool.

all tuckered out.

sweet face.

hadleigh and mama swimming.

daddy and hadleigh relaxing in the sand.

hadleigh and her awesome hat.

chillin in the sand.

playing in the room.

how cute am i??


lots of new happenings

well, last week was hadleigh's first official week of daycare. she's only going a few days a week, but it's still super hard. i took her last thursday for a trial run (for me, not for her). then she had to go friday for my first day of clinical... she apparently does great! everyone loves her because she's the "best baby"! :) however, this weekend she got all congested and started coughing all the time, so being the paranoid parents that we are... i took her to the doctor today. i turned into a nurse mom and listened to her lungs before i took her, and i knew she was probably fine. but i went for peace of mind. bottom line is that i should expect her to get sick a lot. on the upside, she'll be immune to everything and be able to rock every day of kindergarten without illness. :)

and she's getting so big! she was just over 12 pounds today at the doctor... holy crap. that kid can put away some food. she doesn't look big -- she's just solid. we're rolling all over the place and grabbing everything -- toys, mommy's shirts, sonny's ears, everything we can get our hands on. she's also become a finger sucker. she doesn't suck her thumb ever, but lately when i go check on her during the night, she's got all 4 fingers in her mouth! cute girl.

my first clinical day went well. the doctor is different, but he's very nice. he's eager to teach and i'll definitely learn a lot this semester.

jered has stolen the camera for a few days for work... pictures to come later!