tiny went for his 6 month check up today (a month late) and is just that... tiny. with a big noggin.
he weighed 15 pounds 2.5 ounces, which still puts him in about the 5th percentile. he's 26 inches tall (around the 15th percentile). i can't remember the measurement for his head, but it's almost in the 70th percentile! wow.


seven months.

little man is 7 months old! i skipped his 6 month blog and he has seriously changed so much in those two months! he's babbling all of the time (or "talking" in a scream), getting into everything, and CRAWLING! he is all over the place and such a mess. the second picture says it all -- he is ornery and all boy. he started crawling at 6 1/2 months and he's already trying to pull up on stuff. he's only been trying for the last 2 days, but he's already mastered pulling up to his knees and trying to figure out how to get on his feet. wow. he's ready to be on the go! sawyer is currently wearing 3-6 month clothes and they are actually starting to get tight (yay!) and size 2 diapers. we're eating stage 2 baby food every night -- he loves anything with bananas. i've started giving him baby mum-mums and he is actually starting to eat some of it rather than just mush it into his hand. he loves taking baths, being read to, being tickled, and pulling sonny's ears (poor dog can't catch a break with both hadleigh and sawyer around!). he's such a sweet boy and is always smiling or happy. seriously. rarely do we ever hear him cry anymore -- if he does, you know it's naptime. he is such a blessing and i can't wait to see what the next month brings!


horse says neigh.

the first weekend of august (our first as illinois residents), our park district hosted an event called "party in the park." it had a ton of games for kids, pony rides, and a petting zoo. hadleigh got to go on her first pony ride and feed some animals in the petting zoo. she had so much fun riding the horse -- she kept telling jered that horses say neigh, and she was petting the horse the whole time!

chloe is 4!

chloe has actually been 4 for almost two months now, but i'm just now putting up the pictures. when we were in arkansas, we got to go to chloe's birthday party -- a skating party! i didn't know how hadleigh would do with it, but she absolutely loved it. as in loves skating, threw a fit when i took the skates off and made her leave. obviously, skating and cake with pink icing were big hits with hadleigh.



we went to arkansas the entire month of june, but with the chaos of moving, i never got around to posting about it. so here it is! we made the brave decision to drive to arkansas and back -- 16 hours both ways! -- with a toddler and a 4 1/2 month old (plus a dog). thankfully, we've been blessed with great travelers, and it went great! so we got to spend a month hanging out with family, playing a lot, and doing a little napping and swimming in between! hadleigh had the best time with her uncles -- man, uncle ravy, and gikle. sawyer spent his time cuddled up with nana and nama and loved every minute of it! we also took hadleigh to her first movie in the theater -- toy story 3! she loved it. we entertained her with food and she probably ate her weight in popcorn, but she was so well behaved -- quietest kid in the theater except for when she was telling everyone else "shhh!".


on the go!

here's a recent video of our tiny tot CRAWLING! he started trying as soon as we moved to chicago, just army crawling and dragging his body around with his fists. then this past sunday, he figured out that he could use his hands and go places and he was gone! he's still spitting up everywhere too, so it's made for lots of chaos, but he's having so much fun!