2 months.

dear sawyer,

you are two months old today! i don't know why your ear is folded over in this picture, but i really just wanted it for your precious smile. how cute are you? as of today, you are weighing in at 8 pounds 5 ounces! this is very small, but your mama and daddy are very happy with this. you still wear newborn clothes and newborn diapers... you're getting bigger every day and will hopefully outgrow these soon. you are smiling and "talking" all the time. you like to smile for mama the best. you like to play with hadleigh and she LOVES everything that is sawyer. she calls you "baby sar" and loves to talk baby talk to you and "help" you with your passy. right now, you drink about 4 ounces at a time with some rice cereal to help you keep things down and gain some weight -- mama is trying to help you catch up and get you back on the growth curve. we are so lucky to have you in our little family of four!

daddy, mama, and hadleigh


round 2.

here are my sweet babies enjoying round two of the failure to thrive hospitalizations. we just spent the past week in charlotte trying to fatten up our tiny sawyer. they treated him for bad reflux, made sure he gained weight for three days in a row, and sent us on our way! he's taking more per bottle now, getting rice cereal in every bottle, and taking zantac twice a day.
90th percentile, here we come.


failure to thrive.

this big girl:

used to be my failure to thrive baby. didn't gain weight, ended up in the hospital, every test under the sun... turns out she was totally fine and healthy. now she's in the 90th percentile for height and weight. towers over most kids her age.
now this kiddo:

wants to follow in her footsteps. won't gain weight, etc. etc. we're back to a life of bottle feeding, obsessing over how many ounces our kid takes in 24 hours, freaking out if he sleeps too long at night... you get the picture. right now, we're eating all the time and gaining about 1/2 the appropriate amount of weight. today we started iron drops and tomorrow we're going for an echocardiogram. little bit has a heart murmur... totally innocent in a "normal" baby, but maybe not in my babies who hate to grow.
i bet he's totally fine and healthy.
ask me in 6 months and he'll probably be in the 90th percentile too.