cutest kids i know.

pictures are done and i love them! sweet babies at 2 years old and 5 months old.


sneak peek.

i had hadleigh and sawyer's pictures taken yesterday. this was the first picture of the day. she LOVED the photographer... and the camera. kept saying "like this. watch!" and striking a pose. what a ham. sawyer still hates all things camera, but hopefully we get a few cute pictures of him.



little man went for his four month check up a few days ago... we have a tiny kiddo on our hands. boppin' right along in the 5th percentile. he's 24 inches tall and weighs 11 pounds 9 ounces. we changed his feeding yet again. his skin has been a big mess since we started all formula, so now we are on soy formula to see if maybe he's got a milk sensitivity. so far, so good. skin's looking better. the doctor said, "if it's not one thing, it's another." so true.

i scream, you scream.

we all scream for ice cream.