just a few new pictures.

our big girl sitting up playing!

happy in her swing...

smiling for daddy!

swinging at the park in arkansas... she loves the swings!


mountain getaway

jered, hadleigh, and i went on a little weekend getaway this past weekend to spruce pine, nc. we stayed in a cabin at a place called springmaid mountain and had a very relaxing, very fun weekend of fishing, hiking, napping, and smores :) even though we got super lost on the way there friday night (for 2 hours on dirt roads and almost out of gas -- not so good in nc right now!), the weekend ended up being great. here are a few pictures:

our first baby food!

this past thursday, we made our first attempt at baby food. we did rice cereal for about a week, and hadleigh understood the spoon concept, but i think she hated rice cereal. so we moved on and decided to try carrots... she loved them! mommy and daddy didn't love the colored spitup that was to follow... but we still had fun!!


hadleigh had her first "playdate" last friday. i babysat for a few hours for my friend mindy, so her daughter, ava, and hadleigh got to play. there's not a lot a 4-month old and 5-month old can do together, but i thought i'd share a picture of the occassion anyway.


future razorback

sweetest thing ever.

this morning at naptime...

they love each other...