3 months.

slow and steady...

sawyer weighed 9 pounds 11 ounces at his weight check today. officially two pounds more than his birth weight... only took 3 months! he is gaining about a 1/2 ounce a day, which is normal for his age. he just missed the memo that said he should have gained a lot faster before. no big deal -- marching to the beat of his own drummer, just like his sister! slow and steady, buddy.

i'm 2 years old!

happy birthday to this sweet little girl! we love you!


3 months old!

sawyer -

you are three months old today! you are developing quite a little personality. you like everything just so -- full belly, outfit on, swaddled up -- and you are so happy! you discovered your hands this week and love to stick them in your mouth at all times... which is not helping the spit-up situation (see the picture?). you love to smile and coo all day long. hadleigh has started "tickling" you, and i think you guys could tickle and laugh all day. it's my favorite thing in the world to see you and your sister play! makes a mama's heart happy. you're still tiny, but you're starting to catch up! you're such a sweet little blessing -- so glad you're mine!

love, mama

while mama's away...

or just 10 feet away in the next room...

hadleigh threw all of sonny's dog food out of his bowl and onto the floor -- and pulled all of the magnets off of the fridge. at least she was learning in the process because i heard "w" "h" "p" and so on as each one hit the floor. i was feeding sawyer, so i couldn't do anything about it.

at least she helped me clean it up.

since then, she has learned to open the pantry door and fill sonny's food bowl... then get out paper plates and fill them for sonny and place them strategically all over the kitchen... then sit in the floor and "snack" on dog food with sonny. she ate dog food 3 days in a row this week -- all while i was feeding sawyer and she knew i couldn't do anything about it. so sneaky.


april 21.

4 years ago, on april 21st, these two kids:

got married (this is us in high school -- probably the first picture we ever took together). now, 4 years, 2 kids, and soon to be 3 states later... we still like each other : ) happy anniversary, hubby!


big news.

we're moving! jered got a promotion, and we're headed to chicago! this is a huge opportunity for him -- i am so proud of him! no details are finalized yet, but we're getting the process started and will definitely be there no later than september 1st. we're excited about this next step and can't wait to get things going. windy city, here we come.


big sister.

here's what big sister has been up to lately. she is a mess and getting to be more so every day. her days are filled with "reading" (she recognizes all of the letters!), torturing sonny, and loving on baby "sar". she's into pretend play lately... lots of tea parties with whatever she can find to be a pot and cups and baby play (changing diapers, etc.) she wants to do everything her way right now, so there is lots of trying to let her know who's in charge. nap time and night time are a battle if everything is not just so and as she wants it -- that's why she currently has 8 books, 6 stuffed animals, her blankie, a shoe box, the people from her dollhouse, and a pair of tap shoes in bed with her. she's an absolute blast to be around! i can't believe she's about to be 2...

small fry.

here's a recent picture of small fry. you'll notice he's naked... again. i think hadleigh was naked in all the pictures for the first almost 6 months of life. that's how things go when your kid spits up on everything. but that's okay. he's starting to grow (slowly) and that's what matters. today's weigh-in was 9 pounds 3 ounces. he's right on track with where hadleigh was at this age. it's eerie how identical the two of them are doing things. he's getting to be so much fun though! thanks to the miracle of zantac, which i can't thank enough, he's such a playful kid. we love him.