peas and carrots.

hadleigh's learning to eat big girl food!


hot mess.

hot mess. that's the best way to describe hadleigh lately. she is all over the place!! even in the last couple weeks since her "9-month birthday", she has changed so much! she is clapping now, waving, and saying something that resembles bye-bye... it's not always clear, but it does happen while she's waving. her facial expressions are getting more animated and her little personality is starting to show through more. it's a very fun personality :) jered also had her in the high chair the other day and was chanting "feed me, feed me" and beating on the tray. now, when her food is gone and she'd like more, she yells and beats on the high chair tray! so funny. hadleigh has mastered the art of the sippy cup and is drinking apple juice occassionally. she is getting better with finger foods and has this week started loving peach yogurt bites and carrot wagon wheels, both of which are gerber finger foods. she is starting to walk along furniture allll of the time now. walking any day now... she's so active, it's hard to get good pictures of her. here are our best efforts.


9 months.

hadleigh is already 9 months old! can you believe it?? time is flying by. she is getting so big! we went for her 9 month check up yesterday, and she's doing great, of course! she's weighing 19 pounds, 5 ounces, and is 28.5 inches tall, both just above the 50th percentile. she's still crawling like a madwoman, pulling up everywhere, cruising along furniture, and "walking" across from one piece of furniture to the other! she waves (sometimes to you, sometimes to herself) and is saying dada alllll the time. we're working on mama, but so far, she calls me bop-bop. right now she loves to play with sonny's toys and anything that she can drum on to make noise. she's eating 3 baby food meals a day and still loves all the same stuff... mostly fruits with apple in it, butternut squash, and she loves this squash/corn/chicken thing gerber makes. she's eating cereal puffs like a champ -- her favorites are apple cinnamon and peach! she has a mischevious little smile that makes me think we're in for it in the days to come...