oprah is speaking at duke's graduation in may -- and i'll be there! how cool is that??

baby big head.

apparently, that's what i've got. among other things, hadleigh is a big-headed baby; she's also bald and "healthy". today, we went to target and mcalister's. these are the various comments and conversations that occurred:

in the target parking lot, there was a woman walking up with her friends. i hear her say, "oh, look at the cute baby", which was followed by "look how big her head is!" nice.

on to mcalister's. we were sitting waiting for my food and had this conversation:

bald guy: (to hadleigh) hi there. i see you're wearing pink... i assume you're a girl?
me: yes, she is.
bald guy: how old is she?
me: 11 months.
bald guy: (to hadleigh) oh, don't worry. eventually you'll have more hair than me.

then another guy walks by...

random guy: well, she's cute. how old?
me: 11 months.
random guy: wow! you certainly are healthy. you must be quite a good eater!

wow. i'm glad i do not take offense to comments like these. but sometimes i do wish people kept some comments to themselves, please and thank you.

i love this big-headed, bald, healthy baby! :)



it's official.
the tickets are purchased and i'm going to listen to this awesomeness. LIVE. in august.
i'm so excited.
it's ok if you're jealous : )

just because.


dog food.

hadleigh officially tasted her first handful of dog food today! apparently, i was a dog food eater back in the day... so my kiddo has followed suite. i've been trying to let her play and explore without being too paranoid; tonight, she decided this exploration included sonny's food. i saw her sitting there, and of course, when i said no ma'am, she grinned big and shoved some food in! i scooped one piece out. i kept watching her for a minute and noticed that she was doing some chewing motions with her mouth. checked again and she had a piece of dog food tucked in the side of her gums. WOW. what a handful that kid is.



i registered for graduation today... one step closer to being finished! yay!

our little angel.


i'm 10 months old!

i think i say this every month, but this is my favorite age. hadleigh is just so stinkin fun and has the most adorable personality. she's starting to let it show through with everything she does and all the little facial expressions that she makes. here lately, we've been very active, walking around everything, crawling on everything, and pulling up on everything we can get our hands on! hadleigh is quick at crawling now and we have to watch every move because she frequently disappears to pull things off the coffee table, tear mama's school stuff apart, or flip sonny's food bowls over. she's started getting on her feet and leaping for things (this is what she did from her knees right before she started crawling...), so it may be a matter of time before she takes off. we're working on eating more solid foods -- so far carrots are a hit, even though the baby food version was absolutely not. we've mastered the sippy cup and are enjoying juice. she has 3 teeth now, all on the bottom. we are loving everything that sings or plays music, whether it be the radio, toys, or the tv. billy and annie sent hadleigh this laugh and learn puppy for christmas that she LOVES. we play with it all day, and she "dances" every time it sings! so cute. FINALLY saying mama and dada (see below), even though mama is reserved for whiny times. still rocking the 6-12 month clothes... but these are getting tight. basically, we're just getting big, learning new stuff, and having lots of fun. :)



that's hadleigh's new word -- mama! she finally said it yesterday... she only said it when she was whining and crying (she's been sick)... but it's still a step up from being called bop-bop! :)