jingle bells.

hadleigh's kid's day out program had their christmas play today. the big kids performed a skit and the younger kids sat in front. they were supposed to ring bells during the songs. hadleigh preferred to chew on her bells...

then turn around to watch what the big kids were doing behind her...
then eventually just turn all the way around so she could see the show...

but she looked really cute doing it. :)

baby bump.

here's my belly shot from 28 weeks that i never posted...

and now. this picture is from this past monday (32 weeks)...

only a short time left until we meet our little one! c-section is officially scheduled for february 1st, so we will definitely see kiddo and find out "baby two" is a he or she that day, if not sooner!

baby, it's cold outside.

no more mullet.

hadleigh's "nama" (jered's mom) cut her hair for the first time a few weeks ago, and it looks so cute! hadleigh had at least 2 inches that needed to go and now she has a precious little hairdo. she did a great job sitting still and watching what was going on. daddy is really sad the mullet is gone, but mama is not...


gender neutral.

i've been trying really hard lately to embrace the whole gender neutral, surprise sex idea of this pregnancy because jered is SO excited about it. i'm starting to get excited too :) it'll be fun. i have been on a mission to find a few gender neutral things to get us through the first little bit of having new baby around that are not plain white or covered in ducks (although i do have a few duck things and they're cute). hadleigh and i found this for baby two this week on sale:

isn't it precious? i think new baby will love it :)


18 months.

this sweet little face is 18 months old now! fastest year and a half ever... and i don't know what i did before she was here. she changes every day and seriously gets more fun by the minute. we went for her well check a few days ago, and she is doing everything as she should. she is currently 27 pounds and 33 inches tall, which puts her over the 75th percentile for both... not bad for our little "failure to thrive" baby! current loves include playing with sonny all day every day, cell phones, watching football with daddy, and copying everything mama does, including putting on chapstick, brushing our teeth, and wearing headbands. she loves to "read-read" every book in sight. she has started recently telling us when it's time to do things. she will walk up to her high chair and say "eat" when she's hungry, to the fridge when it's time for "moo-moo" (milk), and at night, we can ask her if she's ready to go night-night. when she's tired, she'll get up and walk into her room and go right to sleep when we lay her down! it's so great. she's becoming more of a picky eater, but she still loves pasta, bologna :), mandarin oranges and applesauce, and green beans. she's having fun learning to use silverware and has mastered the fork... the spoon is still a bit of a mess. fit throwing is a daily occurrence, but she will typically give it up when she gets ignored. she is quite the ham for the camera now, and there is nothing shy about her -- hadleigh will smile for most everyone. she is such a daddy's girl, but she cries every time i leave the house without her! we seriously couldn't ask for anything better...

trick or treat.

night night.



24 weeks into the fastest pregnancy ever. only 16 short weeks to go until i have 2 kids under 2... pray for me. you'll notice that i'm wearing the same shirt in this picture that i was in my 20 week picture. not on purpose, but it makes it pretty obvious how much i grew in one month! there's a lot more stretch on the sides of that shirt now...


hadleigh's mother's day out class went to the pumpkin patch last week... which basically consisted of a bunch of toddlers going outside to play at the church's "pumpkin patch." hadleigh had a great time. she made a few efforts to pick up some big pumpkins, but when she realized she couldn't... she resorted to picking up little ones and handing them to me one by one or throwing them across the pumpkin patch... nice.



hadleigh has taken a recent intense interest in shoes. she likes to wear them from morning until night... she'd sleep in shoes if we would leave them on. she can say shoes now and frequently brings them to me to put on her -- she would wear 3 pairs at a time if she could. i got her these adorable house slippers at old navy and now we wear them at ALL TIMES if we are inside. no matter what. huge fits will be thrown if these shoes aren't present and on her feet always. aren't they cute?


i love food.



i am officially halfway done being pregnant with baby two! here is my current belly at 20 weeks, 2 days.

baby two is now the size of a banana and moving around like crazy... he/she moves like crazy at night, but not so much during the day (or maybe i don't notice as much during the day because i'm chasing another crazy active kid)! my belly is definitely getting out there for all to see. 1 month made a big difference! i am carrying higher this time though, so i am still wearing all regular clothes :) i go to the doctor friday for a check-up and to hear the heartbeat.
and no, i still haven't convinced jered that he needs to know the sex of this one. bummer.


sunday fun day.

i've been working a lot of sundays lately, so it has become a daddy/daughter day. jered and hadleigh have a great time dancing to music videos on vh1 (taylor swift is her favorite right now), terrorizing sonny, going on drives with the windows down, and watching football and nascar. these are some pictures jered took this past sunday... such a daddy's girl. she won't wear a headband with a bow on it for anything, but she rocked this razorback one for a while because he got tons of pictures :)


baby two.

i'm obviously not very gifted with computers or scanners, but here it is... the most recent picture of baby two. we had our ultrasound tuesday and saw a sweet little perfect baby, 18 weeks and 1 day, weighing 9 ounces. i thought i could convince jered on the way that he was so excited, he just had to find out the sex... but no such luck. i should have known better. so our baby is currently baby no name no sex. thus far, the baby is looking perfect; my placenta is "low", so i'll get another ultrasound around 26 weeks just to make sure all is well. so we'll get to see this little one again soon!


nothing better...

... than getting to wake up to see this sweet face every day!




surprise! hadleigh's going to be a big sister! jered and i are expecting another little one... due february 8th(ish). i'm just over 16 weeks and everything is going great so far. no nausea, no nothing... totally different than with hadleigh. it's been nice :) if i was computer saavy, i would put my ultrasound pictures up here, but i don't know how. we're had two so far and all is well. our "big" ultrasound is in 2 weeks, but it's really just to make sure all is well with the bambino. we aren't finding out what this one is (per jered's request), so we'll find out along with everyone else in february if it's a boy or a girl. hadleigh understands what's going on (as much as you can when you're 16 months old). she points to my belly button (and hers) frequently and says "baby, baby." yes, our children will be only about 21 months apart. and we're okay with that -- michael and i were super close, as were jered and billy, and our moms didn't have nervous breakdowns yet. here's my most recent picture from monday -- 16 weeks.

apparently, it's nothing to write home about -- showed it to my mama and she told me her belly was currently bigger than mine :) give me a couple weeks -- i'll start to look pregnant soon enough.