hospital stay...

as most of you reading this already know, we have had some serious weight gain issues with hadleigh. after a million doctor visits, an upper gi study, and lots of lab sticks to my kiddo's heels that told us nothing :(, we were sent for a 3 1/2 day hospital stay in charlotte. after many more lab draws, lots of scrutiny to our parenting skills, and the addition of rice cereal and zantac to hadleigh's diet, we are finally out of the hospital. the conclusion? we have the tiniest, healthiest, happiest baby ever! :)



how much do you love this face?



we gave hadleigh her first bathtub bath earlier this month... this was the picture. she LOVES bathtime. she hated sponge baths, but she absolutely loves the water. it's so fun watching her learn to like new things!



jered and baby hadleigh were playing yesterday... i think she might have been crying in this picture, but it looks like she's having a great time! it's a hilarious picture nonetheless.