surprise! hadleigh's going to be a big sister! jered and i are expecting another little one... due february 8th(ish). i'm just over 16 weeks and everything is going great so far. no nausea, no nothing... totally different than with hadleigh. it's been nice :) if i was computer saavy, i would put my ultrasound pictures up here, but i don't know how. we're had two so far and all is well. our "big" ultrasound is in 2 weeks, but it's really just to make sure all is well with the bambino. we aren't finding out what this one is (per jered's request), so we'll find out along with everyone else in february if it's a boy or a girl. hadleigh understands what's going on (as much as you can when you're 16 months old). she points to my belly button (and hers) frequently and says "baby, baby." yes, our children will be only about 21 months apart. and we're okay with that -- michael and i were super close, as were jered and billy, and our moms didn't have nervous breakdowns yet. here's my most recent picture from monday -- 16 weeks.

apparently, it's nothing to write home about -- showed it to my mama and she told me her belly was currently bigger than mine :) give me a couple weeks -- i'll start to look pregnant soon enough.


best buds.

just a couple pictures from yesterday of hadleigh playing with her best bud... she is loving sonny lately. mostly, she loves to torture sonny. she tries to "pet" him, which is really beating him on the back instead... she tries to pull him off the couch by his legs... and she chases him around the house so that she can grab him by the lips and nostrils and pull as hard as she can. he tries to escape, but she follows him until he gives up. luckily, he's a very good sport about it all :)



hot mess called 911 today. bright and early at 7:30am just to say hey. she was playing with jered's cell phone and the keys were locked... she still managed an emergency call. when we got a call back to make sure everything was okay, we were very surprised that she'd done that! needless to say, hadleigh's lost all cell phone privileges from here on out.


operation no more paci.

operation no more paci starts this week -- saturday is day #1. wish us luck. lots of luck.


this precious girl is fifteen months old! she is awesome. period. she seriously brings so much joy to our life and is SO MUCH FUN. she's getting so big and learns new stuff every day. she is now a full-out fit thrower when she doesn't get her way -- then she realizes we aren't paying attention to the fits and gets over it :) she gives kisses to us and to sonny, is learning to eat with a spoon and fork by herself, and is talking up a storm. most of what she says we can't understand, but she's mastered the basics and throws in some others like bubble, ball, and woof; we're working on hadleigh and sonny. she's started "dancing" all over the place and it's the cutest thing you'll ever see. jered and i need to get it on video for everyone to see. she's eating everything you put in front of her -- her favorites right now are bananas, cheese, yogurt, and green beans. she is into EVERYTHING now -- drawers, cabinets, shelves, baskets, everything. if there is something in there that she can reach, you better believe everything will be strewn on the floor once she gets ahold of it. she's actually paying semi-attention to one tv show now. it's called word world -- it's a cute cartoon on pbs kids. she loves to dance to all the songs. i can't wait to see what comes next...