8 (and a half) months!

this is a little belated... but my favorite little boy is 8 (and a half) months old! sawyer can only be described as a hot mess. he is into everything -- pulling everything off bookshelves, climbing on the fireplace, climbing up the stairs... he's everywhere. but he has the sweetest personality and does nothing but smile and laugh all day, so you can't help but let him do whatever he wants :) he's finally starting to look like he's getting bigger... wearing 6-9 or 6-12 month clothes and has just upgraded to size 3 diapers. he eats two meals a day right now and loves bananas and mum-mums. we tried some baby food with chicken tonight and that was not a hit at all. we're working on using a sippy cup... so far, he hates his cup, but he'll do anything he can to get ahold of hadleigh's and take a sip of whatever she is having! he has decided that he is too busy for bottles. it routinely takes an hour to finish a bottle now, and we're lucky if he completely finishes one a day. he is having too much fun bear crawling everywhere at warp speed, pulling up on everything, and starting to let go and stand on his own!! he loves to play with anything that he can hit and make noise with, loves climbing, and loves loves his sister. this week, he started to reach for you when he wants to be held, and it is so precious. loving every second with my hot mess :)

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